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Flow & Let Go

Phillip Ullmann is passionate about creating business models that deliver benefits measured as much by people, community, and nature as by financial assets.


He is at the forefront of driving the compelling vision of national renewal that builds on the elemental units of family, place, community, and inter-generational bonds to generate authentic meaning and value.


Empowering the UK With Forward Thinking 


In leading the move from a contractual society (which undermines community and mutual responsibility), Phillip encourages building successful Covenantal governance models based on trust and mutual obligation. Phillip believes in creating distributed workplaces that empower and encourage innovative, forward-thinking leaders. By giving them the tools and opportunities to succeed, leaders can change their own lives and the lives of their workforce.


Goals Inspired By Success

Phillip previously grew the Cordant Group into the UK´s second-largest recruitment and services firm, with a turnover of 1.2 Billion and a workforce of over 100,000. In 2017 Cordant became a social enterprise, and Phillip´s guiding principles became enshrined in the Company´s Articles of Association.


Phillip set up The Manna Journey to provide independent consulting to national and local Governments and businesses in order to develop alliances between the public and private sectors for the well-being of the British people. The Manna Journey's objective is to help businesses and institutions find their purpose, transform their organisations and deliver lasting change using new methods and metrics.


By creating partnerships across the state, market, and local communities, Phillip is working to transform the lives of people in some of the most forgotten parts of the UK. 

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